TADAH HoopFest @ Sundance

Hoop Con meets Festival

Autumn Sun and Hooping - 4-9th October 2022
TADAH HoopFest 2022

Join us for 4 days of hoop workshops with some of the worlds best hoop teachers, dance classes, jams, a show at a new beautiful location in Antalya Turkey. The beautiful TADAH space and studio was destroyed by a forest fire earlier this year and while that is rebuilt we are bringing you all the TADAH vibes in this awesome new hoop event with added river and sea!! The event runs 4-9th October which includes an arrival and leaving day with workshops 5-8th :)

Sundance Camp

The stunning Sundance Camp boasts beautiful scenery, a beach, restaurant, bungalows or camping accommodation and a bar! Sundance camp will be providing all the food for the event and an open bar every night. Hoop, Dance, Chill, Swim or go on a trek! This space is the perfect location for a Hoop Festival and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Seeing the sights

Sundance Camp is situated in the Antalya area of Turkey, on the Lycian way, there are lots of possibilities for trekking and hiking. The ancient ruined city of Phaselis is a 20min walk away. In the ruins of this 2700 year old city you can see the remains of the aquaduct, harbour, roman baths and theatres. There will be an optional group excursion. This event is the perfect opportunity to see another part of the world, meet new friends and HOOP in a warmer climate! :)

Supporting TADAH

In coming to this event, you’ll not only be having an amazing time but all profits of the event are to be used to help TADAH rebuild. The combination of 2 years of no events due to the pandemic and then the complete destruction of their home and retreat space has left the wonderful Till & Deniz of TADAH with debts and many bills for the rebuild. By treating yourself to this magical festival you can also pat yourself on the back for helping the magic of TADAH return to the world :)

The First ever TADAH HoopFest @Sundance is not to be missed!

A Selection of the teachers

See the Teachers Page for full listing!
Hoop Teacher
Widely acclaimed as one of the best hoop teachers on the planet, Emma Kenna will be back at TADAH as hoopdance specialist to bring you all the tricks and all the laughs.
Hoop Teacher
Bringing the DANCE to the hoop is the one and only Babz! Every hooper who has learned from youtube tutorials has learned a ton from the hoop dance master that is Babz. Her motto “don’t give a f*ck’ and her relentless enthusiasm for life are infectious.


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