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with Emma Kenna - May 2023
Emma Kenna

Introducing your teacher for the May Twi n Hoop Intensive. Widely acclaimed as one of the best hoop teachers on the planet, Emma Kenna will be back at TADAH as your twin hooping specialist to bring you all the tricks and all the laughs. Enjoy 8+ twins workshops with Emma plus lots of jam time where Emma will be available to answer your specific questions.

Intimate Group

With a max of 10 students the May Twins Intensive means Emma can spend quality time with every participant. The event is specifically tailored to twin hoopers who are Intermediate – Advanced and the small group means that Emma can expand on concepts with individuals where extra challenge is needed.

Back at TADAH

The magical TADAH was destroyed by fire but the best studio space is rebuilt and we can’t wait to get back in our fave studio space. A lot fo work and dedication from owners Till and Deniz means that TADAH is back and better than ever with new private accommodation plus the same wonderful vibes.

Delicious Food

Go to TADAH for the hooping…. come back obsessed with the food! The incredible kitchen team magics up a truly world class experience for every meal. Whether it’s traditional Turkish or a vegan version of a German classic… the fusion of great tastes at every meal will mean you’re ever excited to get to the table!

Twin Hoop Intensive with Emma Kenna


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